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  BetBlack is the only free and legal online sportsbook in the world!  

Here are the rules:
  Signup and start with $1.00. Reach $1,000 or more to cash out to REAL money at a 1:10 ratio.
If you go broke, you receive a new $1.00 the next day. BetBlack is a fun and risk free betting game.
No Risk. Only Reward.


  Free Fantasy Sports

Do you like fantasy sports, but hate wasting money on those paid sites? BetBlack lets you play 1 on 1 fantasy games for free!
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Interactive Statistics

Keep track of your best sports records with our cool interactive statistics for each sporting game offered.
  Friends Feed

Are you curious about who your friends are taking in tonights game? There is no more guessing with our new Friends Feed.
Friends Feature

BetBlack is boring to play alone. Now you can maximize your gaming enjoyment by playing with your friends today.

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